independence day.

Every year, my family and I enjoy our Independence Day in our family lake house. It’s a tradition that dates back to before my mom was even born. We’ve had the lake house (what we lovingly call ‘camp’) in our family for four generations now and hopefully many more to come. Here’s what my Independence Day weekend looked like.

My nephew spent a lot of time throwing rocks and sticks into the lake for the dog.
The dock, my favorite spot in the whole world.
My nephew became a “seaweed monster”.
This is no longer a general store (it’s since been torn down) but the sign is still there and looks super cool.

IMG_0993 IMG_1001 IMG_1002 IMG_1021 IMG_1043 IMG_1065

I hope your Independence Day weekend was as magical and relaxing as mine. We enjoyed lots of s’mores, grilled food, and fireworks. Our camp is truly a wonderful place.


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