an eco-friendly yoga mat?: a review.

I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed this on this blog, but I’m a huge fan of everything eco-friendly. I’m constantly trying to find ways that I can contribute to sustaining our environment. I am what you would call “crunchy granola” (thanks for the definition, Urban Dictionary) so you could imagine my absolute excitement when I was invited to like a Facebook page for an eco-friendly yoga mat. My love for yoga and my love for the earth would finally combine into one giant, hippie, nature-loving ball of awesome.IMG_1160

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independence day.

Every year, my family and I enjoy our Independence Day in our family lake house. It’s a tradition that dates back to before my mom was even born. We’ve had the lake house (what we lovingly call ‘camp’) in our family for four generations now and hopefully many more to come. Here’s what my Independence Day weekend looked like. Continue reading