well hello there.

Well hi. It’s me. The blogger behind my previous blog, brightorangelips. This blog was written on Blogger, which is not a bad blog platform by any means. But here I am, on WordPress, trying to transition my blog over to this platform instead. Again, Blogger is not awful in any way, but I definitely prefer the layout and format of WordPress instead.

So here we are. I’ll be posting on this site from now on. It makes me sad that I can’t transfer all my posts to this site without copying and pasting, but it’s fine. We shall prevail!

I feel awful that this post is literally going to be a ‘hi my blog is now here thanks okay bye now’ sort of post, but I have a few other posts in the works and there’s nothing else to write about here, now is there?

And now, I’m off to a write a post for my other blog that should go along the lines of ‘hi I’m at this site now go follow okay thanks’. What fun.


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